Being consistent with the tenet and goal of “Open-end, Internationalization and High-level”, the lab continuously enhances the innovative interdisciplinary study and the cooperation of production, teaching and research, and meanwhile develops the academic exchange and cooperation with the related institutes and organizations in and abroad. Besides the key breakthroughs resulted from the cooperation with the related institutes and organizations and the enterprises in and abroad, the lab also has made efforts to facilitate the international academic exchange and cooperation such as inviting the related experts in and abroad to give lectures, designating young teachers and professors to attend in a advanced studies or give lectures, participating high-level international symposium and cooperating with overseas universities.

Recent years the lab has hosted or co-organized 10 international symposiums and 20 domestic symposiums, and has designated 20 teachers/professors to abroad. The lab has established cooperating relationship with the University of Michigan (USA), the University of Kentucky (USA), the Rowan University (USA), the Universityof Minnesota (USA), the Colorado School of Mines (USA), the Nottingham University (UK), the Silesian Technical University (Poland), the Polish Coal Science Research Institute, the Polish Mine Rescue Station, the RWTH Aachen University (Germany), the Ruhr-University of Bochum (Germany), the University of Queensland (Australia), the Ventilation and Safety Research Institute (South Africa), the Canadian Institute of Mining Research, the Indian Institute of Technology and so on.

The academic exchange platforms for related subjects in the lab include:

lInternational Conference on Mining Science & Technology,

lProfessional Committee of Mining of China Coal Society,

lProfessional Committee of Opencast Mining of China Coal Society,

lDomestic Coal Mining Annual Meeting of Mining Engineering,

lEducation Symposium on Master of Engineering in Field of Mining Engineering,

lTheory and Practice Symposium of Underground Pressure,

lProfessional Committee of Mine Ventilation of China Coal Society of Labor, and

lJournal of Mining & Safety Engineering.

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